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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Today's lesson: Comparing our deen with The Sahabah's

Today i fast (it's sunnah) and spontaneously after asr, my sistur asked me to accompany her exercise. I was not interested at first cuz well, i was fasting (that's a pretty good reason, enough to deny her request) then i remembered our prophet Muhammad SAW used to lead an army to Badr war, the first war in Islam, on the second day of Ramadhan.

I was intimidated by the amount of eman The Sahabah had back then. While i was there sitting on the comfy couch, watching Korean drama on One, i feel useless really. Being a good productive Muslim requires u to work things out inside and outside, u know. Being fit and healthy is one of it. "Cakap nk jd pejuang Islam, xkn takat ketua bidadari je kut, Arin.." So after the mini-monolog-war between me and my lazziness, i got up, changed and asked my dad a permission to exercise with my sis outside, and he agreed to send us to the gym since he doesn't like it when we girls jog along the beach considering our safety especially nowadays with all the cases with kidnapping and organ selling. Quite dramatic but it's possible okay? So please understand his concern.

The point is, when u feel u've done enough, think again. The Sahabah done things beyond everything u've ever done. Well why don't u try to compete that, Arin.

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