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Thursday, 15 May 2014

sum of my journey-brief one (hope so)

it's been a long time.

well, how should i start?
hmm, i'm currently in Ireland, pursuing my study in Medicine. university? the oldest university in Dublin. just google up "the book of Kells" and u know it.
to be honest, i always ended up going somewhere i've never heard before.

after i survived my spm, i went to Kolej Mara Banting doing International Baccalaureate program.
i didnt know where the hell Kolej Mara Banting is and i didn't have any clue what the freaking hell is IB.
if u ask me what is IB, it's something u dont want to repeat ever! even if they give u billion bucks. it's a trap! wanna know what IB is, google it up and understanding the basic idea of IB will be enough to give u the mother of headache u could ever imagine. to explain IB is surely a pain in the u know what and i dont want to stress u guys out today. so u guys r safe - for now ;]

annndddd after finishing my IB, with "cukup-cukup makan" result, i managed to get myself into the university that people are afraid to talk about. Trinity College Dublin, there u go, now u know. =.='

why u ask? well i always dreamt of going to University College Dublin or maybe RCSI cuz those r the universities that most of people talk about. when i asked my senior-who was (and is still) studying in Dublin about Trinity College Dublin. He said "TCD? hell no, it's too hard to get in". he scared the hell out of me!

so i did a couple of research (most of them are images. lol) on the background of universities that my sponsor offered. forgot to tell, i got sponsorship from mara after some confusing sessions of interviews with various sponsorship organizations. ~honestly, alhamdulillah i got almost all of the sponsorship offers but i made my mind to choose MARA(next time i'll tell y). it was a hard decision, trust me.

apparently, i guess it IS hard to get into TCD, out of 150+ medical students who did IB at that time, only 10 of us made it to get in. and i am one of them. and i was totally confused and freaked out! i never did any homework or survey regarding TCD. so i googled up where on Earth is this TCD. n yeah, finally i'm here, a medical student of Trinity College Dublin.

i just finished my summer exam and now i am eager to go back to Malaysia this upcoming Jun!
miss ma family, friends and foods!! there u go, triple F! oh, here r some of the pics of me, or maybe scenery in Dublin! enjoy!

seriously, this is my first hodie ever

1st pose in school

nerd. cuz ain't anybody got time for lens.

~sorry guys, not much pics in this laptop. will make it up next time for more pictures okay?