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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Alhamdulillah ya Allah..

I have to admit, everything comes from You.
I asked too much from You.
There's always a point i almost give up with everything,
Gallons of tears i shed in the fear of failing my carrier, in the pursuit of contributing to the ummah,
I was so weak to the point i can't even walk, eat and sleep well,
I can't even decide what to do.
i whine too many times along this painful journey i chose.
It felt super duper impossible. 'I don't eat, i don't sleep, i don't take a bath. I don't have any super power to do these!

' Yet i forgot, how You helped Musa A.S crossed the Red Sea, when they said 'there's no more hope, we are trapped'

But You made it happened. 'ohh Allah, i can't handle this! I can't handle this! This is too much! I am not capable of doing this.
Ohh Allah, help mee! Help mee!' Indeed, Your help is near.
Ya Allah, i asked too much, i give too little.
How can i repay this kindness and mercy of Yours?

Your humble servant,
Arinah Fatinah

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