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Friday, 21 August 2015


the reason why i'm writing this is to ensure i never forget the experiences i gained throughout the trip cuz the last time i went to Barcelona and Paris, there's so little i can remember and it upsets me. so here it goes...

duration: 5 days (17th-21st of Aug 2015)
flight taken: Aer Lingus(189euro return ticket DUB-CPH)
cash spent: 400euro = 28000kroner
accommodation: YMCA Interpoint hostel. (5800kroner for 4 nights)

danish cash. kroner

 Day 1: Checked-In
arrived Copenhagen Denmark at 21:40. depart from Dublin at 18:30. ok mls nk elaborate melebih.
we took a train from the airport to Copenhagen central station and had a krik-krik 15mins windy walk to hostel (which is located in the middle of nowhere...nah, kidding, the hostel was located at kawasan perumahan, never thought they make a hostel out of a one bangunan that looks like kinda bangunan yayasan..huhu).
we took a female hostel room, it has 4 double decker beds (total 8beds per room). the bathroom is located outside and the shower room is located downstairs in the basement.

Day 2: All Out.
what i mean by all out is we cover 99% of the attractions in Copenhagen. and we walked, came back hostel crawling (mentally). the cool part is we rely 100% on the map! no gps. (flip hijab- sbb xleh nk flip hair)
1st pitstop: Christianborg Palace
2nd pitstop: Royal Library (The Black Diamond)
3rd pitstop: Nyhavn- had ice creams by the port.
4th pitstop: supposed to be Amalienborg, but we missed it and too lazy and tired to go back.
5th pitstop: Rosenborg castle
6th pitstop: The Little Mermaid (statue). hundreds of people were gathering around this stone just to take pictures of it. it was made dedicated to the fairytale with the same name and its author Hans Christian Andersen. it was made of bronze and it faces the famous Oresund Bridge connecting Denmark and Sweden. the exact version of the fairytale was a bit horrifying though.
7th pitstop: Kastellet (used to be an army barrack)
8th pitstop: Hard Rock Cafe.

found these chairs otw to the black diamond library
another castle otw to the Kastellet
Nyhavn Harbour
The Little Mermaid

Day 3: Malmo, Sweden
bought a 179kroner train return ticket to Malmo, Sweden. it brought us along the well-known Oresund Bridge, took about 45 mins to reach there. convert 400kroner, get 439kronor (Swedish cash). tour around Malmo. went to see The Turning Torso. Had another ice cream by the port, facing the Oresund Bridge. then we walked back to the Malmo city, eat shwarma rolle, then returned back to Copenhagen central station. not much pictures taken this day.
in the train, on the Oresund Bridge

The Turning Torso from the port view
The Turning Torso
ice creams facing the bridge

Day 4: Tivoli Garden & Amusement Park.
Tivoli Garden opens at 11am so we went to Fredericksberg Chocolade in the morning, meet a nice gentleman, Patrick who is a very passionate dark chocolate lover. we spent almost an hour conversing.
after zohor, we went to Tivoli, 99knoner per entrance and we bought a 209kroner multi ride ticket, having access to all kinds of ride. i vomited after the 3rd ride, and vomited again after the 4th ride and i stopped riding anything afterwards. went back around maghrib (we planned to stay there till night to have a sight of the garden in a different view but everybody got really tired we couldn't bear it).
with Patrick, branch manager
kedai ckelat

Day 5: Food Hunting and Bye-Bye to Denmark
got really hungry and wanted to try their seafood, went to eat at The President. 2 of us had a queen and pricess's drinks. then walked along the famous Stroget Shopping Street and went to Nyhavn again to have another ice creams. around 6.30pm, we checked out from YMCA Interpoint.

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