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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Ada apa dgn dunia?

Today we went to Matrade since people have been promoting this event in ig (kantoi bnyk follow ig shop berbanding ig memember, so if i don't like ur picture, no offense, it takes ages for me to scroll all the way down to find a single non-igshop-photo).

It was a big massive event. I tot they only have it in one hall, it turned out there were 2 giant halls, with many secret big doors leading to another sub-kinda-halls. And of course we spent hours there, a lot of pretty dresses, some with cheap-affordable prices, some with crying prices, a lot of offers and promotions too. Urgh, it was super tired, rasa nk trcabut skru pinggang n lutut berjalan sane sini, sini sana.. Jumpa krusi je duduk, jumpa yg mcm meja rupe mcm krusi pon ah bantailah duduk jgk. Last2 ha, karpet kdai ni mcm best, duduk jgk. Penat tp x puas lg membeli. Ah i think u know how it feels. Like this is once in a life punya opportunity, u gotta buy it before other peeps grab it or b4 the offer ends. And the feelings of 'hish, mana tau kdai dpn2 tu lg cantik, harus jalan lagi ni!' Muhasabah diri.

Smbil2 duduk berpenat diri tu, i remembered i didn't perform my prayers yet (boleh jamak but the feeling of melambatkn solat tu is killing me). Then i tot by myself. There have been massive reminders encouraging us to take the opportunity of this holy month of Ramadhan to grab all the rewards it offers. Buat 8 rakaat tarawikh pon dh penat, tp penat yg dah x snggup nk tambah any more rakaat lg dah, 8 tu pon da rasa 'da rasa iman upgrade bnyk dah ni'. Tp kann... Jalan shopping smpai nk patah2 segala tulang pinggang n tulang blakang sanggup plak.

Ok, da tade mood nk beli lagii..

~Ramadhan la sgt aku ni. Hmm
~Kesangupan kejar dunia > kesanggupan kejar akhirat.
Dah la arin. :'(

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